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MoJ instructs foreigners to obtain Vietnamese citizenship
VNGOP – Foreigners, granted Vietnamese citizenship, will no longer hold their former nationalities, except for special cases approved by the Vietnamese State President.

Question (Ms. Bùi Cẩm Li, Hồ Chí Minh City): What can my son, who was born and now is living and studying in Hồ Chí Minh City, do to acquire the Vietnamese citizenship while maintaining his Australian nationality?

Answer: (Ministry of Justice – MoJ): Under Article 20 of the Law on Vietnamese Citizenship, every foreigner and stateless national permanently residing in Việt Nam, if applying for Vietnamese citizenship, can be naturalized in Việt Nam.

Thus, Ms. Li’s son can apply for Vietnamese nationality. As he is too small, his mother, Ms. Li, can represent her son to be the applicant. Mr. Li can access to the MoJ’s website (www.moj.gov.vn) for more specific regulations.

Nevertheless, according to Clause 3, Article 20 of the same Law, foreign citizens granted with Vietnamese citizenship will no longer retain their former nationalities, except for special cases agreed by the Vietnamese State President. Thus, Ms. Li’s son is not granted with Vietnamese citizenship until he stops his Australian nationality.

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