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MIT gives instructions on importing shellfish in VN
VNGOP – Shellfish is a group of imports into Việt Nam without permission.

Question (Holly Wezenberg, US): What are Việt Nam’s procedures of importing shellfish and which agency is in charge of this field?

Answer (Ministry of Industry and Trade - MIT): Decree 12/2006/NĐ-CP dated on January 1, 2006 by the Government stipulates in detail the implementation of the Trade Law on international trading activities and foreign-related business activities. Accordingly, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (formerly the Ministry of Fisheries) is in charge of managing the import and export of shellfish.

Instructing the implementation of the Decree, the Ministry of Fisheries issued Decision 15/2006/QĐ-BTS (September 8, 2006) on “Regulations on the management of marine product import and export”. Under the Decision, marine imports are divided into three types: general imports without permission; conditional imports; and must-have-license imports. And shellfish including shrimps, crabs, and mussels, is included in the general group. Decision 15/2006/QĐ-BTS can be founded on www.fistenet.gov.com of the Fisheries Information Center.

Mr. Holly Wezenberg in particular and other foreign importers and exporters in general who are interested in Việt Nam’s seafood enterprises, can access to the “Reliable exporters” on the MIT’s website www.mot.gov.vn; or to the Việt Nam Trade Promotion Agency’s www.vietrade.gov.vn and the Việt Nam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers – VASEP’s www.vasep.com.vn.

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