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Exit and entry procedures for aircraft through national OSS mechanism

VGP – The Prime Minister has issued Decision No. 43/2017/QD-TTg regulating the responsibility for carrying out the entry, exit and transit procedures for aircraft through the national One-Stop Shop (OSS) mechanism.

Concerning the responsibility for performing exit procedures for aircraft, the decision stipulates that persons who carry out procedures declare the following information and vouchers electronically via the national OSS mechanism: the declaration of export goods and the master bill of loading as for exit aircraft carrying export goods; the list of passengers as for exit aircraft carrying passengers; and the member list of the flight crew.

Procedure performers must submit the following print vouchers (original) to State management agencies at airports: a general air declaration (including medical declaration) submitted to the border health quarantine organization; a medical declaration on the body, remains and ashes (if yes) submitted to the border medical quarantine organization; a medical declaration on the medical microbiological samples, biological products, and human tissues and organs (if yes) submitted to the border medical quarantine organization.

Procedure performers must present the following print vouchers (original) to state management agencies at airports: passport or valid international travel documents and visa of the passenger; passports or valid international travel papers and visas of the flight crew, which will be presented to the border gate police. 

With regards to the responsibility of the State management agencies at airports, the decision clearly states that the State management agencies are responsible for: receiving and giving feedback on the reception of information and vouchers provided electronically; accepting the print versions of vouchers; conducting checks over the vouchers with print versions; confirming the completion of procedures as for exit aircraft. The reception, feedback and confirmation procedures are carried out automatically through the national OSS portal for both procedure performers and related parties.

The place to receive and process electronic voucher information is the national OSS portal. Those who carry out procedures are responsible for sending electronic data to the national OSS portal as stipulated in the decision, so that the State management agencies carry out exit, entry and transit procedures for aircraft.

The reception and processing of print versions of voucher information are conducted at the headquarters of State management agencies at airports.

By Vien Nhu

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