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Gov’t to increase preferential credit for agriculture, review SOEs

VGP – The Government has tasked the State Bank of Viet Nam to continue pursuing a flexible and cautious monetary policy and increase preferential credit for agriculture and rural development, according to a newly-issued resolution.

The central bank was also requested to closely monitor credit organizations’ observation of interest rate regulations and restructure commercial banks in accordance with approved roadmap.

The Government also asked the central bank to take measures to deal with non-performing loans and weak commercial banks.

Socio-economic target for 2013

The overall target for 2013 is the continuation of strengthening macro-economic stability and preventing the recurrence of high inflation; achieving proper growth rate and speeding up economic restructuring...

Specific targets include some 6% growth, 10 - 12% export revenue increase, budget overspending accounting for 4.8% GDP.

The Government planned to keep the total investment capital equivalent to 34.5% GDP, consumer price index less than 7%; create 1.6 million jobs and reduce the poverty rate by 1.5 - 2%.

Objective and comprehensive evaluation of SOEs

Regarding the Project on improving the efficiency of State-owned enterprises (SOEs), the Government said that the project needs to focus on comprehensively and objectively evaluating the implementation of the Party’s resolutions and Politburo’s conclusions on SOEs over the past ten years.

The project also needs to figure out the role, position and efficiency of SOEs as well as their achievements and shortcomings.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment is responsible for coordinating with the Office of Government to finalize the project and report to the Prime Minister before submitting to the Politburo./.

By Huong Giang

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