Pilgrims flock to spring festivals nationwide 10:08 | 16/02/2013

VGP - Tens of thousands of monks, nuns, Buddhists and tourists from Viet Nam and abroad have flocked to pagodas and Spring festivals at the beginning of the Year of the Snake, wishing for peace, good weather, happiness and prosperity for all people.

The beauty of Ang hamlet 14:37 | 14/02/2013

VGP - Participating in the eco-tour of Ang Hamlet in Dong Sang Commune, Moc Chau District in the Northern mountainous province of Son La, tourists will be immersed in the beauty of nature and learn more about the Thai ethnic people's culture.

Hoi An attracts int’l tourists during Tet 17:26 | 12/02/2013
VP – During the Lunar New Year of Snake, the ancient town of Hoi An has organized many cultural activities to attract tourists.
Snakes in Vietnamese culture 17:49 | 11/02/2013
VGP - In Vietnamese culture, snakes compose a popular icon having a strong obsessiveness. For centuries, the worship of snakes became one of most ancient belief practices of the Vietnamese people who live in water-related environment.
Dragon dances 19:11 | 10/02/2013
VGP – In Asian culture, dragons are considered sacred animals, which have extraordinary powers and are the symbols of luck and good omens. Dragon also represents national power and is the racial origin of people in some Asian countries.
Vietnamese New Year customs 19:09 | 10/02/2013
VGP – The Lunar New Year Festival is the most important popular in Viet Nam as during the time, Vietnamese people practice a number of New Year customs. 
The culture of betel and areca 20:08 | 09/02/2013
VGP - In the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people, chewing betel is not only a habit and a custom but also an element of the traditional cultural values. Betel and areca are indispensable gifts in the engagement and wedding ceremonies as well as during conversations.
Top 10 taboos during Vietnamese Tet 19:58 | 09/02/2013
VGP – For Vietnamese people, Tet is a wonderful occasion for family reunion but certain things must not be done during this festive season. For foreigners who are still not familiar with Vietnamese customs, or the way the Vietnamese celebrate Tet, here is a Watch out list!
Worshipping the Gods of Kitchen – A beautiful feature of Vietnamese culture 19:09 | 03/02/2013
VGP – Vietnamese people worship the Gods of Kitchen, called táo quân or vua bếp in Vietnamese, because they believe that these are household tutelary gods who make annual reports on all affairs of each and every family to the Emperor of Heaven.