The Government’s regular meeting- October 2013
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No. 117/NQ-CP


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                   Ha Noi, November 1, 2013



The Government’s regular meeting- October 2013

The Government on October 26, 2013 convened its regular meeting to discuss and decide the following issues:

1.   The socio-economic performance in October and the first ten months of 2013; the implementation of Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP and Resolution No. 02/NQ-CP dated January 7, 2013:

The Government assessed that:  the socio-economic performance in October and the first ten months continued making positive progress. The macro-economy was fundamentally stable. Inflation was put under control; banking interest rates declined; foreign exchange rates and market were stabilized; non-performing loans (NPLs) were handled efficiently. Export grew; import improved; trade gap was gradually narrowed. Registered and disbursed foreign direct investment (FDI) was good. The use and disbursement of official development assistance (ODA) were effective. Industrial production, especially the processing and manufacturing industries, recovered. In spite of the devastation of recent natural disasters and floods, agricultural production was relatively stable. The service sector grew. Social welfare policies were implemented with due attention. The administrative reform, settlement of complaints and denunciations, anti-corruption, thrift practice, and anti-wastefulness were heeded. Political security and social order were firmly maintained. The fight against crime was strengthened. Foreign diplomacy was given special attention.

However, the socio-economic performance was challenged by an array of problems. Inflation, through bring put under control, is likely to rise again in the rest of the year. Credit growth was lower than the preset target. NPLs of credit organizations were yet fundamentally solved. Enterprises encountered numerous difficulties in production and business. Budget collection was slower than the preset target. Meanwhile, natural disasters had complicated patterns, adversely affecting production and people's life. Deadly accidents and explosion happened.

To fulfill the 2013 socio-economic development goals and fruitfully realize the five-year plan (2011-15), the Government asked ministries, agencies and localities to maintain what have achieved; work out more realistic plans with higher outcomes; surmount difficulties; and overcome weaknesses. In the last two months, the Government requested ministries, agencies and localities to persist in maintaining economic stability, curbing inflation and drastically and synchronously implementing the tasks and solutions stipulated in Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP and Resolution No. 02/NQ-CP, dated January 7, 2013; the resolutions adopted at the Government’s regular meetings; regulatory documents promulgated by the Government and the PM; and focus on the following tasks and measures:

- The State Bank of Viet Nam shall positively carry out the monetary policy in a flexible and suitable manner in accordance with macro-economic developments; promote credit growth in favor of production and business; effectively handle NPLs; and keep the foreign exchange rate and gold market stable.

- The Ministry of Finance shall strengthen budget collection; do its utmost to achieve the preset target; exercise thrift practice; prevent tax debts; work with the Ministry of Public Security to inspect and handle tax avoidance and fraud and counterfeit dossiers for tax arrogation; review, manage and supervise debt collection service activities in line with law.

- The Ministry of Planning and Investment, related ministries, agencies and localities shall extricate business and production obstacles; supervise and facilitate efficient business activities; conduct appropriate measures to promote investment especially by resolving difficulties to accelerate capital disbursement of public investment projects on schedule; improve the quality of statistical work; ensure the accuracy and synchronicity of socio-economic data; and assist the  Government and the PM in supervision, assessment and management.

- The Ministry of Construction shall strengthen investigation of technical standards of construction projects, focusing on reservoirs and other construction sites which were affected by storms and floods and take active measures to prevent breakdowns.

- The Ministry of Transport shall review and oversee the quality of transport vehicles to prevent poor-quality ones from using the roads; cooperate with the Ministry of Public Security and localities to guarantee transport safety especially at the year end.

- The Ministry of Health shall enhance inspection and closely manage operation of private medical clinics; control food hygiene; improve medical checkup and treatment services at all levels; disseminate, educate and raise medical ethics of doctors.

- The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs shall conduct synchronous and effective policies on social welfare and beneficiaries; coordinate with the Ministry of National Defense, unions and localities to review and implement the policies on people with merits to the nation including youth volunteers.

- The Ministry of National Defense shall summarize and learn from experience acquired from the building of border patrol roads in the first phase and  put forth orientations and plans for the second phase to continue; and focus investment on the Viet Nam-Cambodia border lines.

- The Ministry of Public Security shall review forces and equipment of fire prevention and extinguishment to improve the firefighting capacity; attach importance to criminal prevention especially drug-related crime, cross-border smuggling as well as organized crime; guarantee security and order in the rest months of the year and the upcoming traditional Lunar New Year Festival.

- The Ministry of Industry and Trade shall chair and work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to stockpile commodities to meet the often rising demands in the threshold of the upcoming Lunar New Year Festival; balance demand and supply and avoid price escalation; cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related ministries to resolve arising problems to ensure negotiations for free trade agreements progress.

- The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment shall take actions to improve weather forecast capacity especially storms and rainfall during an annual flooding season.

- The Ministers and leaders of ministerial-level agencies shall cooperate with ministries, agencies and localities to drastically direct the making of legal documents especially these guiding valid laws and ordinances; considering this as a top task and definitely putting an end to the delay of issuance of legal documents; actively work with the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Government to resolve difficulties and obstacles during the law making process; strengthen the making of quality ordinances and inter-ministerial documents to meet requirements of state management in their fields.

- The Ministry of Home Affairs shall work with ministries, agencies and localities to speed up the administrative reform as well as public service and personnel reforms, focus on defining job positions, building and finalizing standards for public officials, staff and applying IT to managing public officials and staff; seriously implement the Conclusion of the seventh plenary of the Party Central Committee (11th tenure) on renovating and perfecting the political system from central to local levels. Localities shall enhance dissemination of administrative procedures, especially those on tax, customs, land use right certificates and timely resolve petitions of citizens and enterprises.

- The Ministry of Information and Communication shall perform information work in a way that closely follows the situation and accurate orientation, especially when it comes issues which may vulnerably influence people’s psychology. Ministries shall work with press agencies to proactively provide formal information on issues which catch public concern; timely handle wrong and inaccurate information which harm interests of the State and people.

- Ministries and agencies shall positively provide information for National Assembly deputies to help them fully and timely prepare for question-answer sessions on the issues of public concern, raise their responsibilities in giving comments on the National Assembly’s question-answer agenda at the 6th session, especially mechanisms and policies on their fields of management.

- Ministries, agencies and localities shall positively implement Resolutions and Conclusion of the eight plenary of the Party Central Committee (11th tenure), actively build and deploy their 2014 plans in a practical and feasible manner; focusing on the following missions: restructuring sectors and areas; implementing breakthroughs and the Millennium Development Goals. The financial sector proposed specific plans to effectively manage budget spending in 2014, especially administrative spending.

2. Natural disaster prevention, response and mitigation in 2013

The Government agreed that: In 2013, natural disasters happened extremely and unexpectedly. Storms came early and more frequently. As of late October, 11 tropical storms entered the East Sea of which eight directly struck Viet Nam with two especially strong ones consecutively hitting the central region, causing devastating floods. Other unexpected and hazardous weather patterns like whirlwind, thunder, twister and hailstorm struck many areas in a large scale. High tide flooded various low areas. The above situations adversely affected people's life and production; caused huge losses in lives and property; and damaged projects and houses.

Ministries, agencies and forces from central to local levels heeded and proactively responded to natural disasters, promptly mobilized forces and vehicles in emergency relief when storms struck and assisted local residents in rebuilding their communities. The ASEAN disaster response drill and humanitarian relief operation were conducted effectively. The Government praised and highly spoke of participating branches and sectors, especially the military and police forces.

The Government requested that ministries, agencies and localities shall continue studying experience to properly prepare and respond to natural disasters and rashly implement the following assignments:

- The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, and localities promptly supply varieties and foodstuff sourced from the national reserve to help people in rebuilding efforts.

- The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development shall work with localities to review broken dykes and dams; report to competent agencies for solutions to safety guarantee in line with regulations.

- The Ministry of Industry and Trade shall work with localities to review hydro-electric reservoirs, take action to fix breakdowns and ensure safety for reservoirs in accordance with regulations.

- The State Bank of Viet Nam shall work with related agencies to examine proposals, implement the policies on frozen debts and relending for rubber growers and fishermen who were affected by the recent severe storms and floods.

3. Project on public associations

Government members were assigned to research and comment on the project. The Ministry of Home Affairs shall chair and work with relevant agencies to collect comments of Government members to finalize the project and report to the Civil Affairs Committee of the Party and Government.

4. The report on overall review of positions, functions, tasks, authorities, organizational structure, workforce of state administrative agencies from central to local levels:

Government members shall research and review the assessment and give comments on the proposals of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Ministry of Home Affairs shall chair and collect feedbacks of Government members and report to the PM./.

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