The Government’s regular meeting – October 2006
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No. 28/2006/NQ-CP


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Hà Nội, November 7, 2006


The Government’s regular meeting – October  2006


On November 2, 2006, the Government’s regular meeting was held to decide on the followings issues:

1. The Minister of Finance (MoF) submitted the draft decree on lottery, bet and games for bonus.

The demands on the entertainment activities and games for bonus has become a social reality. The State’s permission to organize lottery, bet and bonus-games is aimed at mobilizing people’s contributions to the capital for the works of public welfares, in line with the motto of “benefits for the country and interests for people” and meeting people’s demand for healthy amusement. However, these activities are very sensitive and risky, requiring the State control. So it is necessary to set up an integrated legal corridor for this business.

The MoF was assigned to coordinate with the Government Office, Ministry of Justice and relevant agencies to receive the Government members’ opinions and complete the draft decree before submitting to the Government for issuance.

The MoF would also coordinate with the Committee for Sports and Physical Education to assess the model of bet business and propose specific management solutions which should be reported to the Prime Minister in the first quarter of 2007.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment would cooperate with the concerned organs to further check legal regulations on the organization of bonus-games and casino, design the network planning scheme and proper management solutions, and report to the Prime Minister in January  2007.

2. The Minister-Head of the Government Office made a report summarizing the Government members’ comments on the draft decree stipulating medical examination and treatment and health and physical standards for those engaging in important and secret work; to apply compulsory health insurance for their relatives.

The Government’s Bureau of Important and Secret Work was entrusted to coordinate with the Government Office and the relevant agencies to perfect the draft decree and submit it to the Prime Minister for consideration and issuance.

3. The Minister-Head of the Government Office reported on the schedule to deal with policies for employees in the bankrupt State-run enterprises and for management posts in State-run enterprises after rearrangement.

The Government discussed and agreed:

- To implement all policies for employees in a bankrupt State-run enterprise at the moment when the Court decides to open bankruptcy proceedings, and the representatives of the enterprise’s owners fail in recovering the enterprise’s operation and make written commitments not to take any measures to restore the enterprise.

- Enterprise managing posts include: members of the Executive Board, General Director, Vice General Directors, Directors, Vice Directors, Chief Accountant, members of the Control board in the State-run enterprises rearranged in 2006 (including the unsolved cases in which the procedures were fulfilled in 2005). These people, if no longer working in those enterprises or in the state sector, will enjoy the policies stipulated in Resolution 16/2000/NQ-CP dated October 18, 2000 by the Government on streamlining the personnel in administrative and non-productive agencies and Resolution 09/2003/NQ-CP dated July 28, 2003 by the Government to amend and supplement Resolution 16/2000/NQ-CP.

4. The Minister of Trade reported on the results of the WTO accession negotiations.

The multilateral negotiating session on October 26, 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland, ratified all documents on Vietnam’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), planting the official landmark for the country’s completion of negotiations to become a full member of the WTO. This was resulted from Vietnam’s great efforts over the past years, expressing the country’s determination in the process of regional and international economic integration.

The Government requested the relevant ministries and agencies to closely coordinate with each other, promptly and proactively realizing the requirements of international economic integration through the WTO. First and foremost, the files on WTO accession must be completed and submitted to the National Assembly and the State President; the ceremony to join the WTO and other concerned work must be successfully organized. At the same time, it is necessary to continue the campaign for the United States to approve the Permanent Normalized Trade Relations (PNTR) for Vietnam.

5. The Government listened to the Report on production, business and investment in October and the socio-economic situation in the first ten months of 2006 presented by the Minister of Planning and Investment; Report on trade in October 2006 delivered by the Minister of Trade; Report on the realities of market price control in 2006 and orientations to control commodity and service prices in 2007 submitted by the Minister of Finance; and the Report on inspection, dealing with complaints and denunciations, and anti-corruption work presented by the Governmental General Inspector.

The Government agreed on the assessments and orientations to control prices raised by the Ministry of Finance. The general principle of price control is to make prices fully reflect production and business costs in line with market rules, under the State management. The State encourages price competition as stipulated by laws and gradually bring the domestic price system close to the world’s. The specific goals and measures need to be considered and completed as an official item in the Government’s Resolution on major solutions to implement the socio-economic development and State budget plan 2007.

Socio-economic development has continued to be stable in October and the first ten months of 2006. Industrial production value has been high, especially in non-State sector. Domestic markets have developed, export turnover has increased. Foreign investments have been attracted fairly high. State budget collection and expenditure have been ensured on schedule. Social activities have been promoted. Poverty alleviation work has gained good results. There has been no big fluctuation in consumer goods and services prices. The prevention, struggle and dealing with outcomes of Hurricane 6 have been carried out promptly, reducing the losses of men and properties.

However, there remain many difficulties to overcome in the last two months. To fulfill the socio-economic development plan 2006, the Government asked ministries, sectors and localities to check their assignments, assess the schedule and further direct the fruitful implementation of the set tasks and solutions; to lift difficulties and promote business, production, and export; to speed up the disbursement of investment capital for basic construction, especially Government bonds and State investment credits; to take more measures to prevent and eradicate epidemics, promptly wiping out the plague of brown plant-hopper and ragged stunt rice disease, shift the crop structure, introduce new high-yield varieties into production, realize the support policies to recover and develop agriculture; to enhance the anti-corruption prevention and eradication and thrift practice; to settle the natural disasters’ impacts, stabilizing production and people’s life; to further accelerate the drafting, assessing and issuing documents to instruct the implementation of laws and ordinances approved by the National Assembly and come into effect.

The relevant ministries and localities closely direct and coordinate with competent agencies to successfully organize the 14th APEC Economic Leaders’ Week in Hanoi. The ministries of Public Security, and National Defense, and the Government Inspection would organize forces and take necessary measures to maintain social security and order, ensuring absolute safety for the Summit.





Nguyễn Tấn Dũng

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