Guidelines on reception of non-governmental aid 11:53 | 23/10/2019

VGP - Donors include foreign non-governmental organizations and other foreign organizations and individuals, including foreign-invested groups and companies and overseas Vietnamese community that respect and observe Vietnamese law and have goodwill and directly provide non-refundable aid to support Viet Nam’s socio-economic development and humanitarian objectives.

Employment services provided by enterprises 10:50 | 23/10/2019

VGP – Employment services provided by enterprises include providing counseling to employees and employers; recommending jobs, supplying and recruiting employees at the request of employers; and collecting, analyzing, forecasting and providing information about the labor market.

How do foreign investors make capital contributions in VN? 14:41 | 02/10/2019

VGP – Foreign investors and Vietnamese investors in foreign-invested enterprises may make foreign-currency or Viet Nam-dong investment capital contributions at levels stated in investment certificates.   

How do foreign laborers change jobs in Viet Nam? 13:49 | 02/10/2019

VGP – The Government issued Decree No. 140/2018/ND-CP (“Decree 140”) dated  October 8, 2018 amending and supplementing some decrees on the condition of business, investment and administration procedures under the management of Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affair.

Regulations on foreign given names 14:24 | 19/09/2019

VGP – The name of each Vietnamese citizen must be in Vietnamese or other ethnic minority languages of Viet Nam and not include any figure of any other than a letter. 

Conditions for Vietnamese colleges to become wholly-foreign invested ones 10:25 | 12/09/2019

VGP – After being converted into wholly-foreign invested educational institutions, pre-school education facilities, general education, and higher education must meet regulations which are stipulated in Decree 86/2018/ND-CP, dated June 6, 2018 on foreign cooperation and investment in education.

Sublet a part of total of building 10:21 | 12/09/2019
VGP – A foreigner who leased an office at District 2 hopes to sublet the office.
Legal assistance for SMEs (Part 2) 09:04 | 13/08/2019

VGP – The Government on June 24 issued Decree No. 55/2019/ND-CP (Decree 55) on legal assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Preferential import and export tariffs under CPTPP 07:20 | 13/08/2019

VGP - The Government on June 26 issued Decree 57/2019/ND-CP on preferential export tariffs and special preferential import tariffs to implement the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership ("CPTPP”) during the period of 2019 - 2022 (Decree 57).

Legal assistance for SMEs (Part 1) 06:08 | 11/08/2019

VGP – The Government on June 24 issued Decree No. 55/2019/ND-CP (Decree 55) on legal assistance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).