MARD introduces rice, black beans and powdered milk-exporting firms 15:04 | 19/06/2008
VNGOP – At the request of MrRafael F.Restrepo (Venezuela) who is seeking information about Vietnam-exporting firms of rice, black beans and powdered milk for import in Venezuela, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) introduced some enterprises:
MIT introduces Vietnamese tire exporters 07:11 | 03/06/2008
VNGOP- The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) has just presented some Vietnamese tire producing enterprises to Vasu Groups, an Indian tire importer.
Foreign-issued driving licenses changed to equivalent in VN 14:30 | 16/05/2008
VNGOP - Valid driving licenses, granted in other countries, can be converted into the equivalent issued by Việt Nam.
Overseas Vietnamese have rights to bring or transfer legal foreign currencies outside VN 14:16 | 16/05/2008
VNGOP- Overseas Vietnamese can remit or transfer foreign currencies in their accounts or legal revenues in foreign currencies in Việt Nam to other countries.
Tax imposed on some goods of overseas Vietnamese repatriates 13:43 | 16/05/2008
VNGOP – The General Department of Taxation (Ministry of Finance) gives answers about the tax rates applied to automobiles and motorbikes that overseas Vietnamese people bring along with upon their repatriation.
Procedures for foreign investors to establish firms in VN 07:01 | 15/05/2008
VNGOP – The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) instructs foreign investors to set up business in Việt Nam.
How to acquire Vietnamese citizenship and repatriate VN 10:31 | 12/05/2008
VNGOP – Recently, numerous overseas Vietnamese have asked about Việt Nam’s regulations on repatriation and expressed their desire to regain Vietnamese citizenship.
VN welcomes investment in recycling wastes into gas 07:11 | 12/05/2008
VNGOP – To do investment in treating and recycling wastes into gas, investors are required to observe some procedures in Việt Nam.
MoJ instructs foreigners to obtain Vietnamese citizenship 16:36 | 10/05/2008
VNGOP – Foreigners, granted Vietnamese citizenship, will no longer hold their former nationalities, except for special cases approved by the Vietnamese State President.
Conditions for cooperation with Indonesian enterprises in fishing 16:17 | 10/05/2008
VNGOP – The Ministry of Planning and Investment gives instructions in conditions and procedures for Việt Nam's enterprises to work with Indonesian partners within Indonesia's fishing grounds.