Foreigners’ entrance into VN facilitated 08:29 | 04/12/2009

VGP – The Vietnamese Government does not ban or issue no legal document to ban the entry of foreigners.

How to bring foreigner’s bone-ash out of VN 08:00 | 27/11/2009

VGP – If a foreigner wants to bring his relatives’ bone-ash out of Việt Nam’s territory, he has to ask Vietnamese competent agencies for permission and help.

How Vietnamese national residing abroad gets divorced to their partner in VN 11:06 | 25/09/2009
VGP – A Vietnamese national who is settling in other country and wants to get divorced to his spouse living in Việt Nam must submit his divorce petition to the People’s Court of the province where the spouse is a permanent resident.
Procedures for re-issuance of birthday certificate 10:00 | 10/08/2009
VGP – An overseas Vietnamese who lose their original birthday certificates can ask for the re-issuance of the document at competent bodies in Việt Nam.
Overseas Vietnamese obliged to pay import tax on luggage excess 16:23 | 16/06/2009
VGP – Overseas Vietnamese citizens must pay import tax on the excess of their personal belongings when returning to work in Việt Nam.
Some useful websites for investors 16:08 | 03/06/2009
VGP – The Ministry of Planning and Investment provides some useful websites for enterprises and investors to access to investment information.
Conditions for foreigners to work in VN 15:00 | 11/05/2009
VGP – The Vietnamese Government welcomes foreigners from all corners of the world to come to work and live in Việt Nam.
Procedures for divorce involving foreign elements 09:20 | 23/04/2009
VGP – A non-resident Vietnamese citizen can divorce their foreign partner in Việt Nam when the couple do not have a permanent co-residence place.
Vietnamese citizen must bear Vietnamese name 14:10 | 03/04/2009
VGP – Việt Nam's laws stipulate that all Vietnamese citizens and anyone who applies for Vietnamese nationality must bear Vietnamese names.
Visa exemption for foreigners to VN 16:35 | 31/03/2009
VGP - According to visa exemption agreements that the Vietnamese Government has signed with some countries, nationals from the following countries can enter and stay in Việt Nam without visa for a period of time.