Visa exemption for overseas Vietnamese 16:22 | 29/11/2010
VGP – Overseas Vietnamese entering Việt Nam under visa exemption papers (VEPs) are allowed to stay here within 90 days each entrance. Those who expect to stay more than 90 days have to apply for visa in line with the current provisions before their entrance. 
Conditions for overseas Vietnamese to buy houses in VN 13:44 | 16/11/2010
VGP – Overseas Vietnamese living abroad are permitted to buy, sell, receive, donate, change, inherit houses or rights of using lands under the commercial housing development projects in Việt Nam.    
Conditions for foreigners to open clinics in VN 08:16 | 14/09/2010
VGP – Foreign organizations and individuals and overseas Vietnamese may invest in medical examination and treatment, pharmacy, vaccines, medical bio-products and/or medical equipment in Việt Nam.
Employment licenses for foreign laborers 08:31 | 09/09/2010
VGP) – All foreigners who want to work in Việt Nam must be granted with an employment license which can be valid for 36 months in maximum.   
Provisions on establishment of websites 10:31 | 24/08/2010
VGP - Domestic and foreign organizations, enterprises and agencies in Việt Nam have to apply for licenses from the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) in order to establish websites and provide information on the Internet. 
Provisions on special consumption tax 07:43 | 10/08/2010
VGP - How many products and services are subject to special consumption tax in Việt Nam?  
Forms of investment in VN 11:45 | 03/08/2010
VGP - Việt Nam allows foreign investors to join in both direct and indirect investment projects. Foreign investors are given significant flexibility in choosing appropriate forms of investment in line with their investment strategy and local investment regulations.    
Procedures on sending cash in and out VN 16:46 | 27/07/2010
VGP - How much money does a person can carry, in foreign currency and VND, upon their entry into and exit from the country?
List of investment-banned fields 15:40 | 20/07/2010
VGP - Việt Nam prohibits investment projects harmful to the national defense, national security, public benefits, historical and cultural sites, ethics, traditional and beautiful customs; people’s health, natural resources and environment. 
Conditional investment domains applicable to foreign investors 14:21 | 13/07/2010
VGP – Việt Nam sets 14 domains of conditional investment which are applicable to foreign investors. These conditions relate to the establishment of economic organizations, investment forms and openness of the domestic market for foreign players.