Stipulations on investment dispute resolution 10:00 | 07/11/2011

VGP - Any dispute relating to investment activities in Việt Nam shall be resolved through negotiation and conciliation, or shall be referred to arbitration or to a court in accordance with law.

Investors’ benefits guaranteed 13:45 | 01/11/2011

VGP – The Government shall make specific provisions on guarantee for interests of investors in a case where a change in laws or policies affects adversely the interests of the investors.

Transfer abroad of capital and assets 09:06 | 28/10/2011

VGP - A foreigner working in Việt Nam for an investment project shall be permitted to transfer capital and assets abroad after having fulfilled completely his or her financial obligations.

Regulations on used car imports to VN 17:09 | 17/10/2011

VGP – An Australian businessman is establishing a joint stock company, intending to  bring an used car to Việt Nam for use. What are the tax procedures on second-hand car import?

Regulations on temporary business suspension  12:38 | 10/09/2011

VGP - An enterprise may temporarily suspend its business but must notify the business suspension or resumption of its business no later than fifteen days before the date of temporary suspension or of resumption of its business.

Regulation for changing foreigners’ driving licenses     07:39 | 01/06/2011
VGP – Foreigners or Vietnamese nationals residing abroad, possessing a foreign driving license,must change it into the equivalent of Việt Nam if they want to drive in the country.
Business licensing authority 08:42 | 10/05/2011

VGP – Boards of management, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Municipal and Provincial People’s Committees, and the Prime Minister have licensing authority in different projects in Việt Nam.

Visa exemption for overseas Vietnamese 16:22 | 29/11/2010
VGP – Overseas Vietnamese entering Việt Nam under visa exemption papers (VEPs) are allowed to stay here within 90 days each entrance. Those who expect to stay more than 90 days have to apply for visa in line with the current provisions before their entrance. 
Conditions for overseas Vietnamese to buy houses in VN 13:44 | 16/11/2010
VGP – Overseas Vietnamese living abroad are permitted to buy, sell, receive, donate, change, inherit houses or rights of using lands under the commercial housing development projects in Việt Nam.    
Conditions for foreigners to open clinics in VN 08:16 | 14/09/2010
VGP – Foreign organizations and individuals and overseas Vietnamese may invest in medical examination and treatment, pharmacy, vaccines, medical bio-products and/or medical equipment in Việt Nam.