No visa fee for int’l tourists to VN in Q4 19:20 | 30/09/2010
VGP – The Government just decided to exempt entry visa charges for foreign tourists who enter Việt Nam between October and the year end under the country’s tourism promotion program 2010 named "Việt Nam – Your Destination.”
Restoring traditional handicraft villages 14:12 | 30/09/2010
VGP – The Government will maintain, restore and develop traditional handicrafts via different measures on advertisement, tax, and vocational training.
National census on rural areas, agriculture and aquaculture to be done in 17:49 | 28/09/2010
VGP – The Government will conduct a national census on rural areas, agriculture, and aquaculture on July 1-30, 2011.   
New regulations on industrial property 10:05 | 28/09/2010
VGP – Any organization or individual committing activities relating to the sale of fake brand or trademark goods will be imposed pecuniary penalty from VND 4-500 million. 
Vị Thanh Town upgraded to a provincial city 12:07 | 26/09/2010
VGP – The Government has adopted a resolution to upgrade Vị Thanh Town of the southern province of Hậu Giang to the provincial city.
Gov’t adopts project to convert VN into an ICT power 20:27 | 23/09/2010
VGP – Việt Nam targets to develop an information technology (IT) workforce of international standard and the IT sector becomes a key ingredient of the national economy.
Dung Quất Oil Refinery to be inaugurated in Q4 16:14 | 23/09/2010
VGP – PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng just agreed with the Việt Nam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) to organize the inaugural ceremony of the Dung Quất Oil Refinery in Q4 this year.
Nationwide census on poor households conducted 10:34 | 23/09/2010
VGP – The Government has launched a nationwide census on poor households between September 21 and November 30, 2010 in an attempt to speed up poverty reduction.
Strategy on aquatic development made public 16:57 | 21/09/2010
VGP – By 2010, aquatic products will account for 30-35% of GDP contributed by the agro-forestry and fishery sector, according to a new strategy on the development of the aquatic production.
Mobilizing all resources to combat dengue fever 18:14 | 20/09/2010
VGP – PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng recently asked local authorities to mobilize all resources and conduct preventive measures to combat dengue fever.