Deals with other countries approved 18:50 | 01/07/2010
VGP – PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng recently ratified the draft of a visa exemption deal between the Governments of Việt Nam and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) for diplomatic and official passport holders of the two sides.
OECD helps VN assess administrative reforms 15:44 | 01/07/2010
VGP – The Office of the Government (OOG) will work with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to evaluate the administrative procedures simplification project, known as Project 30, in the next six months. 
Safety – Top criterion for building and operating nuclear power plants 16:11 | 30/06/2010
VGP - According to the Government’s new decree on guiding the enforcement of the Atomic Energy Law, nuclear power plants are important works relating to national security, so they must be under special protection, and safety and security are top priorities in  surveying, designing, constructing, operating and managing them.
Việt Nam Days to be held in China and Russia 18:42 | 29/06/2010
VGP – The Government chief lately gave nods to special programs “Việt Nam Days in China and Russia” which will take place in August and September respectively. 
Gov’t chief agrees air transport deal with Israel 13:53 | 28/06/2010
VGP – The PM last week ratified an agreement on air transport cooperation between Việt Nam and the State of Israel, which will facilitate the launch of direct flights between the two countries.
VN to have eight nuclear power plants in next 20 years 10:45 | 23/06/2010
VGP – By the year of 2030, Việt Nam will have built eight nuclear power plants to meet its current skyrocketing electricity demand.
Gov’t continues to provide drought relief 11:34 | 21/06/2010
VGP – The Government lately decided to put aside VND 100.1 billion (US $5.3 million) in the State budget for drought mitigation activities in favor of the winter-spring crop.
More regulations on wildlife conservation 17:01 | 18/06/2010
VGP – Việt Nam will map out a special conservation program for each species which belongs to the list of protection. A special agency is also founded to take responsibility for the conservation work. 
Gov’t okays HN’s millennial anniversary meeting program 08:50 | 18/06/2010
VGP – The PM recently approved the program to mark the capital’s 1000th birthday at the Ba Đình Square, Hà Nội on October 10. 
VN’s 15-year accession to ASEAN in focus 19:12 | 17/06/2010
VGP – The Government chief gave a nod to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to host activities marking the Foundation Day of ASEAN and the 15th anniversary of Việt Nam’s accession to the bloc.