Some foreign cooperative projects approved 15:13 | 02/05/2010
VGP - The PM has approved a financing agreement for the technical assistance project on socio-economic development of Thanh Hóa City with US $2 million loaned by the Asian Development Bank.
VN to invest US $8.5 mil. in island economic development 15:00 | 02/05/2010
VGP – The Government chief recently approved a plan on island economic development with the total investment of around VND 162 billion (US $8.5 million) by 2020.
Hải Phòng to host 8th Việt Nam-France Decentralization Conference 19:15 | 29/04/2010

VGP – The Government chief agreed that Hải Phòng City will host the 8th Việt Nam-France Decentralization Conference on November 5-6. 

Gov’t leaders’ opinions on VN’s involvement in financial activities 14:02 | 29/04/2010
VGP –  Top financial and banking officials of Việt Nam will partake in some international events which will take place in the time to come.
VN to introduce national program on water protection 11:15 | 28/04/2010
VGP - The Vietnamese Government is drafting a national program, in a resolute effort, to raise the efficiency of management, protection and use of water resources.
Fireworks to beautify Hạ Long Tourism Festival 2010 10:39 | 28/04/2010
VGP – Deputy PM Nguyễn Thiện Nhân just agreed with the proposal of the Quảng Ninh People’s Committee for a short-range fireworks display at night of May 1, 2010 as part of the Hạ Long Tourism Festival 2010.
Yên Phong I IP to be expanded under PM’s decision 14:30 | 27/04/2010
VGP – The PM has recently agreed with the expansion of the 314-hectare Yên Phong I Industrial Zone in the northern province of Bắc Ninh.
VN reserves 57,000 tons of rice more 14:12 | 27/04/2010
VGP – Việt Nam on April 26 started purchasing additional 57,581 tons of rice to pile up its national reserve stock.
Caring for children is the whole society’s responsibility 08:22 | 27/04/2010
VGP – Every child must have a good start in life, must enjoy all personal rights, and must have opportunities to an overall growth in terms of physic, intelligence, spirit, and personality at his or her hometown.
PM approves new preferential policies for border areas 14:25 | 26/04/2010
VGP – The Government chief recently made a new decision on preferential mechanisms and policies to spur economic activities in border areas between Việt Nam and Laos and Cambodia.