PM urges prompt control and prevention against bird flu
10:16 | 23/12/2006
VNGOVNet – To timely control and prevent the recrudescence of bird flu and the eruption of influenza A (H5N1) in humans, PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng issued in the afternoon of December 12 Note 2119/CĐ-TTg ordering competent agencies to take urgent measures.

The Note requested the People’s Committee chairpersons of all provinces and centrally-administered cities to do the following tasks:

- To immediately strengthen the direction work in preventing bird flu within their localities and the operation of the steering committees for bird flu prevention at all echelons;

- To mobilize forces to further monitor and discover epidemic niduses in every household engaging in husbandry. At the same time, to take consistent measures to deal with and prevent the epidemic under the instructions from the veterinary agencies to quarantine and stamp out the epidemic niduses right at their beginning;

- To strictly check the transport, trade, and slaughter of poultry, especially in urban and densely-populated areas; to trade and use the poultry and poultry products with clear origin and veterinary control; to apply more measures on bio-safety in husbandry activities;

- The provinces sharing the border-lines with the neighboring countries shall check and inspect the transport and trade of the poultry and poultry products cross the borderlines into Vietnam;

- To spend local budgets to prevent epidemic and assist those whose poultry is killed due to the epidemic in line with the current regulations;

The PM assigned the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the National Steering Committee for Bird Flu Prevention to further inspect the implementation of preventive solutions in all localities; provide enough vaccines; collaborate with the Ministry of Health (MoH) in strictly monitoring virus and bird flu development to take measures timely; make frequently reports to the PM and suggest necessary solutions.

The MoH shall direct the supervision of the epidemic development and give instructions on preventive measures against influenza A (H5N1); ensure the full provision of medicines, chemicals and equipment to settle down the epidemic.

The Ministry of Culture and Information was entrusted to collaborate with the MARD and MoH in directing mass media to promote the dissemination of timely and accurate information of the dangers and development of the epidemic as well as preventive measures to the population, facilitating the protection of community health and husbandry.

The ministries of Trade, Public Security, Transport, National Defense, Resources and Environment, Science and Technology and other competent ministries and sectors shall direct professional agencies to collaborate with interdisciplinary forces in fulfilling their assignments to prevent bird flu.

(Source: Note 2119/CĐ-TTg)

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