PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng identifies 2007’s focuses: economic development, administrative reform and corruption fighting
09:23 | 09/01/2007
VNGOVNet – The meeting to start 2007’s agenda and budget task took place in Hanoi in the morning of January 8 in the chair of PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng, Standing Deputy PM Nguyễn Sinh Hùng, and Deputy PM Trương Vĩnh Trọng and an audience of Government members, representatives of the Communist Party Office, National Assembly Office, leaders and representatives of different ministries, sectors and local authorities.

The Meeting was said to show the Government’s devotion to the set socio-economic tasks and goals as well as making Government policies and action plans known to the public for supervision and assessment, thereby involving them in national development.

According to PM Nguyễn Tấn Dũng, the year 2006 was the peak of 20 years of renovation. The country gained great achievements in all fields which create good opportunities and prospects for 2007 and the following years. Because of that, for the 2007 agenda and budget task to end up successful, the PM said, it was imperative that the meeting discuss and put forth solutions on three focuses: striving for a high economic growth rate, carrying out an effective administrative reform and boosting the fight against corruption and prodigality.

To fulfill the 2007 socio-economic development plan, the Ministry of Planning and Investment introduced seven solution packages: to improve market economy institutions (the legal system, different markets, a favorable environment for production and business, and a pricing regime in line with market law); to make significant changes for the better in various economic sectors; to improve the investment environment to attract investors from all economic sectors into investment activities; to reform policies and tighten financial and monetary control; to realize international commitments; to speed up administrative reform with a view to making the State apparatus more efficient, and to fight corruption and prodigality. In designing administrative reform plans, it is necessary to identify clear tasks, workloads and responsibilities to prevent the situation where targets are unclear; nothing is known exactly about what to do; no pronounced results are gained; and no one is responsible for anything. 

Major development indicators in 2007

GDP increases 8.2-8.5% with the added value of agriculture, forestry, and fishery up by 3.5-3.8%; industry and construction 10.5%-10.7%; service 8.0-8.5%.

Export turnover increases 17.4% against 2006. Import turnover increases 15.5%.

Aggregate investment capital in society accounts for 40% of GDP. Budget income totals VND 281,900 billion. Budget spending totals VND 357,400 billion. Budget deficit amounts to VND 56,500 billion, equivalent to 5% of GDP.

Consumer price index grows slower than economic growth rate.

Middle-school education is universalized in least 40 out of 64 provinces. Universities and colleges admission increases by 10%; technical junior colleges, 15%; and long-term vocational training courses, 16.5%.

Birth rate decreases 0.3%. 1.6 million new jobs are created. People sent abroad for work number above 80,000. Percentage of poor households is down to 16%. Proportion of children under 5 suffering from malnutrition reduces to 22.3%.

Forest coverage by late 2007 reaches 39%. Population provided with clean water is 67.2% of the total in rural areas and 80% in urban areas.

By Hoàng Nguyên Hồ

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