PM Direction to correct maladministration holds in life
08:21 | 05/01/2007
VNGOVNet – Nearly four months ago, the PM issued on September 07, 2006 Direction 32/2006/CT-TTg on some immediate measures to straighten up the work of solving public and business affairs at public agencies. The Direction was reported to have received positive response and support from the public and business.

It can be said that Direction 32/2006/CT-TTg reflects the PM’s determination to press ahead with the administrative reform, especially in administrative procedures. Nearly four months into effect, the Direction has entrenched itself in every ministry, sector and locality, helping to make life easier for the people and business and gradually improve the investment and business environment. Several ministries and localities have made instructions or plans to concretize and put the Direction into reality.

Such localities as Hanoi, Ninh Thuận, and Hà Tĩnh have established missions made up of people from different sectors, to inspect the observation of the Direction at public agencies at district and communal levels as well as local public service providers. Hanoi and Hồ Chí Minh City authorities were ahead to put in place the “one-stop-shop" system as well as straightening up maladministration and organizing polls of the public and business on civil servants coming into contact with them.

Most ministries, sectors and localities have reviewed administrative procedures in their systems that are relating to the public and business and revised or asked the Government or the PM to revise in order to make life easier for people.

In-house regulations on processes of dealing with public and business affairs set in their code of practice have also been reviewed and sorted out to remove processes or paperwork which proves unreasonable and redundant.

Many have publicized the works, conditions, procedures, duration, fees, forms and regulations regarding the resolution of public and business affairs at their own websites.

Despite some gains, bringing Direction 32/2006/CT-TTg into life came across some problems. A number of ministries and localities appeared to be slow and inefficient to review and revise paperwork in their system. It was not uncommon to see the regulation on posting the processes of solving public and business affairs ignored. Several ministries and sectors have disobeyed the PM direction on regular reporting.

Overall, Direction 32/2006/CT-TTg has worked to restore order in the resolution of public and business questions and push ministries, sectors and localities to review and revise administrative procedures. This has attracted the society’s concern and support, contributing to improving the relation between public agencies and the people and business and creating better investment and business environment.

By Xuân Hồng

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