ODA attraction: Facts and figures
11:03 | 16/10/2013
VGP – International donors have committed nearly US$ 80 billion in official development assistance (ODA) for Viet Nam over the last 20 years, serving to convert Viet Nam into a low middle-income country.

The Round Table Conference on ODA for Viet Nam, held in Paris on November 8, 1993, kicked off the development cooperation between Viet Nam and foreign donors. 

So far, around 50 bilateral and multi-lateral donors have granted ODA for Viet Nam in numerous socio-economic fields. Over US$58.4 billion of ODA capital was signed over the last two decades, representing 71.69% of committed ODA, of which preferential ODA valued at US$ 51.6 billion (88.4%) and non-refundable aid was US$ 6.76 billion (11.6%).

Statistics show that the proportion of ODA loans in ODA capital increased from 80% in 1993-2000 to 93% in 2006-2010 and 95.7% in 2011-2012.

The amounts of ODA disbursement advanced through years but were inappropriate with commitment. However, thanks to high endeavor of the Government, local ministries and agencies, foreign donors, ODA disbursement of large-scale donors progressed sharply in 2011-2012 period.

The areas of transport and postal service received the biggest amount of ODA with around US$ 16.47 billion.

Energy and industry got around US$ 10 billion in ODA. The area of agriculture, rural development and poverty reduction was given US$ 8.85 billion of ODA capital.

Different regions saw unequal allocation of ODA provision in which the Red River Delta received the largest volume of ODA with US$ 10.42 billion. Meanwhile, the Central Highlands was allocated the least amount of ODA with US$ 1.36 billion.

The Vietnamese Government is pursuing the ODA policies to support prioritized sectors, areas and localities especially hard and disadvantageous ones in development periods.

By Huong Giang

(Source: The Foreign Economic Relations Department)

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