New laws take effect in January (Part 2)
13:07 | 02/01/2015

VGP – As many as 13 laws will come into force from January 1, 2015.

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Quality of construction closely monitored

The fundamental principle and core content of the Law on Construction aim to renew the method of the management of projects, especially those funded by the State budget, to overcome losses and wastes as well as improving the quality of construction projects.

The Law on Construction 2014 will strengthen supervision and management of construction quality to ensure the transparency in the license-granting process and promote the management role of the State over construction activities.

Anti-waste in public investment

The amended Law on Public Investment institutionalizes the process of investment policy and increases the responsibilities of the decision-makers to prevent scattering, wasteful and ineffective public investment.

Inland waterway development

The revised Law on Inland Waterway Navigation stipulates that the inland waterway development must be suitable with the transportation development plan and guarantee the national security and defense.

The law abandons the regulation on the registry for non-motorized vessels with a gross tonnage of between 5 tons and 15 tons and abolishes the restriction on crewmen working on board vessels not older than 55 years for women or 60 years for men.

Regulations on green growth, climate change supplemented

The Law on Environmental Protection supplements some regulations on green growth, climate change and environmental security and harmonizes regulations of the Law with the international conventions on the environment that Viet Nam signed and joined.

Amendment in bankruptcy law  

Under the new Law on Bankruptcy, a minimum period in which creditors can lodge a petition for bankruptcy proceedings against debtors is three months from the due date of financial obligations.

Enterprises are allowed to monitor assets during the bankruptcy process, including management arbitrator, business management and asset liquidation.

Immigrants facilitated

The amended Law on EntryExit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Viet Nam creates favorable conditions for foreigners to enter, exit, transit and reside in Viet Nam for travelling, seeking for market, cooperating in investment and studying as well as meeting the demands for protecting national security, social order and safety.

The law does not allow changing the purposes of visas to prevent foreigners entering Viet Nam for tourism purpose but working and teaching in Viet Nam.

By Thuy Dung


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