VN pledges to strive for peace, security and sustainable development 07:10 | 22/03/2008
VNGOP - Việt Nam will make greater contributions to fulfilling goals of the Francophonie and the international community for peace, security and sustainable development, said a Vietnamese diplomat.
Gov’t cares for interests of guest workers in Jordan 07:22 | 21/03/2008
VNGOP – In mid-February 2008, more than 200 Vietnamese employees at the W&D Apparel factory (Hoa Sơn Company) in Jordan went on strike over the employer’s pay calculations.
Global Summit of Women 2008 to attract female leaders from 100 countries 07:08 | 21/03/2008
VNGOP – A press briefing was held on March 20 in Hà Nội by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Việt Nam Women’s Union and the Việt Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry to announce the agenda of the 18th Global Summit of Women 2008 scheduled in Hà Nội on June 5-7.
HaSTC: A propulsion for equitization 07:20 | 20/03/2008
VNGOP – After three years since its founding, the Hà Nội Security Trading Center (HaSTC) has helped to speed up the transparent and market-oriented equitzation, stated Standing Deputy PM Nguyễn Sinh Hùng.
Microsoft and VN shake hand in IT 07:16 | 18/03/2008
VNGOP – The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) officially publicized on March 17 the Program to realize the Agreement on strategic partnership between State and enterprises signed with Microsoft.
Bankers convene summit 2008 in Hà Nội 07:14 | 18/03/2008
VNGOP – The Asian Banker Summit 2008 was opened on March 17 in Hà Nội.
WB credits used for health care in northern mountains 07:12 | 15/03/2008
VNGOP – The World Bank (WB) Việt Nam recently revealed that the WB had approved a credit of US $60 million to boost health activities in mountainous provinces of North Việt Nam.
Vietship-2008: 22 contracts worth of US $2 bil. inked 07:11 | 13/03/2008
VNGOP – At the 4th International Shipbuilding, Maritime and Transport Expo - Vietship 2008, 22 contracts were signed to build and repair vessels, provide equipment, and transfer technology.
Vinasat-I: VN’s national sovereignty in the space 07:03 | 13/03/2008
VNGOP – Việt Nam’s first telecommunication satellite Vinasat-I will be launched on April 12, announced the Việt Nam Posts and Telecommunication Group (VNPT) in a press conference on March 12.
Textile sector tries to grow 20% per year in 2008-2010 07:15 | 11/03/2008
VNGOP – Expanding export markets and developing domestic ones are some major points in the Strategy on Việt Nam’s textile development up to 2015, with a vision to 2020, approved by the PM on March 10.