MoNRE: Sea level rises up 20 cm in VN 14:27 | 21/02/2009
VGP – Coping with climate change is now considered an urgent goal of Việt Nam which is confirmed to be one of five most terribly affected countries.
VN to host first int’l architecture exhibition 10:00 | 21/02/2009
VGP - The Việt Nam Architecture Exhibition 2009 (VIETARC’09) will be a professional forum for local and international architectural circles operating in Việt Nam, promoting architecture profession in general and Vietnamese architecture in particular.
SBV adopts action program against economic recession 08:05 | 21/02/2009
VGP – The Governor of the State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) just signed the Bank’s action program on controlling inflation, stabilizing macro-economy, preventing economic downturn, maintaining economic growth, guaranteeing social security and banking safety.
Analytica Việt Nam 2009 firstly to be held next month 14:20 | 20/02/2009
VGP – An international trade fair for analysis, biotechnology, diagnostics, laboratory technology and services will be held with Analytica Việt Nam Conference for the first time in Hà Nội on March 18-23.
Viettel expands its operation in Cambodia 15:10 | 19/02/2009
VGP - Viettel Cambodia Pte. (VTC) today made the debut of its Metfone network in Phnom Penh and inaugurated 23 branches in Cambodia.
Russia reopens markets to VN’s tra catfish 10:00 | 19/02/2009
VGP - Russia will reopen its markets to tra catfish from Việt Nam, said the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, adding that this was resulted from a recent working visit to Russia by the Ministry’s leaders.
UN backs youth’s volunteer movements 16:57 | 18/02/2009
VGP – The Central Committee of the Hồ Chí Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) today signed the Project on strengthening capacity of volunteerism for development in Việt Nam (VDVN).
Gene-altered crops to become popular in VN by 2015 15:00 | 18/02/2009
VGP – Việt Nam’s biologists have succeeded in creating some kinds of genetically-modified (GM) crops. Hence, Việt Nam determines to put GM crops into mass production at the latest in 2015 for better national food security.
More chances for seafood exported to Japan 16:17 | 17/02/2009
VGP - Japan is now the largest market for Việt Nam’s frozen shrimps and is importing a great quantity of tuna and fish, according to the Việt Nam Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors (Vasep).
Russia: A promising market for Vietnamese products 16:06 | 17/02/2009
VGP - According to Vietnamese associations of textile, footwear and furniture, Russia is a great potential market with no-so-hard requirements, very appropriate for the current technological conditions of Vietnamese enterprises.