First satellite image receiving station to make debut soon 15:37 | 01/07/2009
VGP - Việt Nam's first satellite image receiving station will be inaugurated in early July by the National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC) of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
ADB helps improve agro-product quality and promote biogas development 17:12 | 30/06/2009
VGP – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) signed today a US $95 million credit loan for the project on improving the safety and quality of Việt Nam's commercial food crops, and provide alternative and clean energy supply to households through biogas development.
New nationality law: Better legal conditions for overseas Vietnamese 14:39 | 30/06/2009
VGP – Under the Law on Vietnamese Nationality which will come into effect on July 01, overseas Vietnamese who are still holding Vietnamese nationality must register with Việt Nam’s local representative offices for keeping the original nationality.
Documents found, confirming VN’s sovereignty over Hoàng Sa islands 22:41 | 29/06/2009
VGP – Researcher Phan Thuận An in Huế City last week found and handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a royal document, signed by King Bảo Đại (reigning from 1926 to 1945), of which the contents confirms Việt Nam’s sovereignty over the Hoàng Sa (Paracel) archipelago.
MoH proposes establishment of swine flu inspection teams 16:10 | 29/06/2009
VGP - The Ministry of Health (MoH) today said that it has proposed the Government to set up interdisciplinary inspection missions which will check the epidemic control at local levels as the number of A/H1N1 cases rose to 117 in Việt Nam.
Trade promote – an effective solution for enterprises 10:09 | 27/06/2009
VGP – When export markets are shrinking and domestic purchase power falling, trade promotion is underscored as a practical solution for many enterprises.
Key unit of Dung Quất Refinery kick-started 07:11 | 26/06/2009
VGP – The Residue Fluid Catalytic Cracking (RFCC) unit, the most important component of the Dung Quất Oil Refinery, was officially put into operation this week.
MoH’s treatment protocol for swine flu proves effective 16:00 | 25/06/2009
VGP - Following good outcomes of A/H1N1 prevention and treatment in Việt Nam, the treatment protocol for Type A H1N1 swine flu announced by the Ministry of Health (MoH) in April has proved effective.
WB approves new credits for VN’s education 15:00 | 24/06/2009
VGP - The World Bank (WB) in Việt Nam on Wednesday agreed to offer two credit contracts of US $177 million to help strengthen the development of Việt Nam's primary and higher education systems.
VN to host World Information Technology Forum 2009 16:05 | 23/06/2009
VGP - Việt Nam will host the 4th World Information Technology Forum (WITFOR) in Hà Nội on August 26-28. This is the first time the forum is held in Asia.