EU delegation to arrive for seafood inspections 07:07 | 21/09/2007
VNGOP - An EU inspection delegation will arrive in Việt Nam to check seafood processing hygienic standards for export to the European market from September 27-October 10.
ADB predicts VN’s economy to expand rapidly 07:15 | 18/09/2007
VNGOP – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said that Việt Nam’s economy will continue to expand rapidly.
More seafood processors win Russian import license 07:08 | 18/09/2007
VNGOP – An additional three Vietnamese seafood businesses have received licenses from the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phyto-sanitary Surveillance (VPSS) to resume their exports to Russia.
Visa exemption certificates to be issued at US$ 20 07:23 | 07/09/2007
VNGOP – The Ministry of Finance has just promulgated a decision stipulating the fee of visa exemption certificates (VECs) at US$ 20 and US$ 10 per person for first issuance and re-issuance respectively.
Vietnamese businesses spend over US$1 bil. in projects abroad 18:07 | 05/09/2007
VNGOP – According to the latest notice from the Department of Foreign Investment, Ministry of Planning and Investment, up to now, Việt Nam have had 217 investment projects in other countries, worth of US$ 1,178 million.
Interest rate of export credit loans in VND to be lowered 08:05 | 05/09/2007
VNGOP – According to Finance Ministry ‘s Decision 75/2007/QĐ-BTC dated August 30, 2007 the interest rate of export credit loans in VND will be reduced from 9% to 8.7% per year.
Procedures for repatriation and naturalization of Vietnamese citizenship 07:00 | 04/09/2007
VNGOP - What should be done to repatriate to Vietnam and to regain Vietnamese citizenship is a question recently raised by Vietnamese people residing overseas.
State treasury to base on modern IT 07:10 | 28/08/2007
VNGOP – Up to 2020, all activities of the State Treasury will be conducted on the foundation of modern information technology to form electronic treasury.
More than US$ 8.3 bil. of FDI flows in VN 07:03 | 25/08/2007
VNGOP – According to the Department of Foreign Investment (DFI), Ministry of Planning and Investment, Việt Nam has attracted over US$ 8.3 billion of foreign direct investment for the first eight months of 2007, increasing by 40 percent against the same period last year.
Striving for a drug-free ASEAN by 2015 07:05 | 22/08/2007
VNGOP – Over the past years, the Vietnamese Government and people have done their utmost to fight against drug trade and abuse. Drug prevention is one of the top priorities in Việt Nam's strategies on socio-economic development and national security.