Commercial banks refinanced 14:30 | 28/07/2008
VGP – The State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) has revealed that, last week, it bought in valuable papers (around VND 7,000-10,000 billion a market day) in the open market. The move aimed at assisting commercial banks (CBs) and stabilizing the credit market.
New aluminum plant ground-broken 19:27 | 27/07/2008
VGP – Deputy PM Hoàng Trung Hải, on July 26, chaired the groundbreaking ceremony of the Aluminum Factory in the Central Highlands Province of Lâm Đồng. This is component of the Lâm Đồng Aluminum-Bauxite Complex Project which is considered as the landmark of the development of Việt Nam’s aluminum industry.
Positive economic signals in first six months 08:00 | 26/07/2008
VGP – In July and the first seven months, industrial production went on smoothly; agriculture gained significant fruit; services developed vigorously; export value was quite high while trade gap tended to get narrow; and most notably, FDI hit a record of US $45.2 billion.
ADB finances VN to develop SMEs 07:28 | 26/07/2008
VGP – The State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) and the Asia Development Bank (ADB) on July 25 signed several non-refundable technical assistant agreements to help Việt Nam prepare its 2nd Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Development Program and the Project on promoting professional skills.
New regulations on contract on e-commerce websites 15:44 | 25/07/2008
VGP – The Ministry of Industry and Trade has just introduced a new circular managing the information provision and contracts making on e-commerce websites.
Lowest CPI increase seen in July 07:13 | 25/07/2008
VGP – The Consumer Price Index went up 1.13% in July against June. This is the lowest increase since the beginning of the year.
Inflation must be reined in at micro-level 15:31 | 24/07/2008
VGP – Vietnamese economists and corporate executives maintained that, apart from macro and long-term policies, drastic and immediate measures at the micro level (business community and the public) are vital.
Upgrading women’s leadership in public sector 07:12 | 22/07/2008
VGP- Deputy FM Đào Việt Trung and UNDP Deputy Country Director to Việt Nam Christophe Bahuet inked a project “Empowerment of Women in the Public Sector in the Context of International Economic Integration.”
IPhO 2008: opportunity for young talents 17:27 | 21/07/2008
VGP – The International Physics Olympiad 2008 (IPhO 2008) was opened on July 21 with the participation of around 370 candidates from 82 countries and territories, the largest-scale competition of its kind.
MIT presents solutions to boost exports for the second half 20:45 | 18/07/2008
VGP – The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT), in its recent teleconference, publicized key solutions to ensure goods supplies, boost export and diminish trade deficit for the rest of the year.