Cần Thơ develops hi-tech agriculture 15:00 | 09/06/2009
VGP – The Mekong Delta city of Cần Thơ is building three hi-tech agricultural projects which require over VND 3,100 billion in total.
Hà Nội eyes to be first cigarette smoke-free city 14:10 | 05/06/2009
VGP – Hà Nội is planning a project to convert itself into Việt Nam’s first city without cigarette smoke in the run-up to the celebration of its 1000th anniversary.
US helps Hà Nội preserve ancient city-gate 11:09 | 04/06/2009
VGP - US Ambassador to Việt Nam Michael Michalak on Wednesday announced a fund of US $74,500 for the restoration of Quan Chưởng City-gate, the only ancient gate remaining in Hà Nội.
First CDM environment project launched in VN 17:10 | 03/06/2009
VGP - In response to the World Environment Day (June 5), a project on collecting and using gas emissions at the Nam Sơn rubbish dump was ground-broken today in Hà Nội. This is the first environment project developed under the clean development mechanism (CDM) in Việt Nam.
Hà Nội centers on projects to welcome its millennium 13:05 | 03/06/2009
VGP – To celebrate its 1000th anniversary, Hà Nội will complete 47 commemorative works, including 35 ones to be finished by 2010.
New hematology center inaugurated in Southern city 10:08 | 03/06/2009
VGP - The Mekong Delta's most modern hematology and blood transfusion center was opened yesterday in the southern city of Cần Thơ after two years of construction.
First deep-water container port inaugurated in South VN 16:17 | 01/06/2009
VGP - An international container port in the Thị Vải River was inaugurated yesterday in the southern province of Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu by SP-PSA International Port Co., Ltd. This is the first deep-water container port in Việt Nam.
Cần Thơ City to pilot modern land management model 14:00 | 30/05/2009
VGP - Cần Thơ City plans to launch in August its land and housing management model in two central districts of Ninh Kiều and Bình Thủy with the aim of bringing about a more effective service for managers and local people.
Nghệ An promotes IT applications 15:01 | 28/05/2009
VGP – The Nghệ An Department of Information and Communications (DIC) revealed orientations for its information and communication technologies (ICT) development to 2015 in a recent conference on telecommunication applications and exploitation for public and business management.
Hà Nội stimulates consumption with 2nd promotion month 14:00 | 28/05/2009
VGP – Drawing 350-500 sellers and about 1,000 promotion shops throughout the city, the Promotion Month, hosted by Hà Nội in November, is expected to warm up domestic consumption.