Policies take effect in June 21:26 | 01/06/2019
VGP – Seven Government’s Decrees and three ministerial-level Circulars will take effect in June.
Fresh policies take effect since May 13:24 | 02/05/2019

VGP – A series of policies on false denunciations, new emission standards for second-hand vehicle imports, Labor Code on licensing outsourcing services shall take effect from May 2019. 

Fresh policies come into force since April 14:26 | 01/04/2019

VGP – New regulations on tontine interest rates, registration fee prices of houses and land, and internal auditing shall take force from April, 2019.

19 legal documents issued in February 17:48 | 17/03/2019
VGP – The Government and the Prime Minister issued 19 legal documents, including 11 Decrees and eight Decisions in February, 2019, according to the Ministry of Justice’s press release.
Policies come into effect in March 17:49 | 02/03/2019
VGP - VGP – The new policies include conditions for establishment of foreign-invested vocational training institutions in Viet Nam.
VN grants e-visa to citizens of 80 countries 14:28 | 22/02/2019
VGP – Viet Nam has granted e-visa to citizens from 80 countries, according to the Government's current regulations.
New policies take effect in February 16:00 | 09/02/2019
VGP – The policies include regulations on issuance of corporate bonds, e-transactions in financial operations, exploitation of remote sensing data.
New trade regulations take effect in 2019 15:51 | 07/02/2019
VGP – A string of regulations on certificate of origin, tariff quota, temporary suspension on imports and exports will take effect in 2019 in line with the country’s international commitments.
Outstanding policies take effect in February 15:50 | 31/01/2019

VGP – A string of new policies on social insurance, bond development issuance, outbound investment shall come into effect from February, 2019.

New regulations on lending for outbound investment 15:25 | 06/01/2019
VGP – The volume of loans should  be agreed between lenders and customers (investors) but shall not exceed 70% of the customers' total offshore investment capital.