Fresh policies take effect in June 14:14 | 03/06/2014

VGP – A string of new policies on electricity retail prices, early termination of financial contracts, preferential loans for detoxified drug abusers and ceiling prices for milk products will take force in June 2014.

Fresh policies come into effect in April 10:26 | 02/04/2014
VGP – A string of new policies on electric grid safety, industrial promotion funding, import of automobiles and motorcycles and management of overseas students in Viet Nam will take effect in April 2014.
Fresh policies come into force in February 15:37 | 05/02/2014

VGP – A series of policies on agricultural insurance, debt management, anti-corruption,  and SOEs equitization will come into force in February.

Decree regulates non-cash transactions 17:12 | 03/01/2014
VGP - The Government has recently issued a decree, which will be effective on March 1, 2014, on non-cash transactions, specifying cases which are not allowed to pay in cash.
Key policies come into force since January, 2014 20:01 | 31/12/2013

VGP – A large number of new policies and regulations influencing the entire socio-economic life will become effective in January, 2014.

New policies become effective in December 14:27 | 01/12/2013
VGP -  Fresh policies shall come into force in December, 2013 including the level of vocational training support for employees, three-level development of electricity market; ceiling level of deposit and labor markets, and new regulations on registration fee.
Fresh policies come into force in November 17:47 | 05/11/2013
VGP – A series of new legal documents came into effect in November, 2013, including new ID cards, conditions on overseas work permit, regulations on illegal marriage, sanctions for fishery violations and administrative violations in atomic power.
New policies take effect in October 16:59 | 01/10/2013
VGP -  Regulations on the combat of terrorism, the handling of illegal overseas workers and tougher punishments on industrial property infringements will come into force in October 2013.
Internet service management decree to be announced 17:10 | 05/08/2013
VGP – Deputy PM Nguyen Thien Nhan has assigned the Ministry of Information and Communications to organize a press conference to announce Decree 72/2013/ND-CP on management, provision and use of Internet services and online information and games.
Regulations on handling violations in statistics 16:45 | 23/07/2013
VGP – The Government has promulgated a decree on handling administrative violations in statistics area.