Infographics: First Vietnamese mangos exported to U.S. 11:38 | 18/04/2019
VGP – The first eight tons of mango in Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap province were shipped to the U.S. on April 18.
Infographics: Overview of Viet Nam-Czech relationship 11:37 | 17/04/2019
VGP - Viet Nam and Czech Republic established diplomatic ties on February 2, 1950, making the latter one of the first countries to set up diplomatic ties with the former.
Infographics: Highlights of Viet Nam-Romania relations 15:12 | 15/04/2019
VGP - Viet Nam and Romania established diplomatic relations on February 3, 1950, making the latter one of the first countries to set up diplomatic ties with the former.
Infographics: Overview of Viet Nam-Netherlands relations 15:37 | 09/04/2019
VGP - The two countries have signed 24 cooperation agreements and memoranda of understanding so far while the two-way trade has kept rising year after year since 2009
Infographics: Highlights of 2018 PAPI Report 14:28 | 02/04/2019

VGP -  There was general improvement in provincial and local government performance, with citizens reporting less corruption in health care and education, greater satisfaction with most basic public services, and more interactions with local officials, according to 2018 PAPI Report.

Infographics: First quarter socio-economic performance 16:41 | 29/03/2019
VGP - In the first quarter of 2019, the Vietnamese economy expanded 6.79% while consumer price index picked up 2.63% - the lowest growth rate since 2017.
Infographics: E-visa program and beneficiary countries 11:15 | 06/03/2019
VGP - Introduced for the first time in 2017, the pilot e-visa program is now applicable to citizens from 80 countries around the world until February 1, 2021.
Infographics: Socio-economic performance in February 2019  15:05 | 04/03/2019
VGP - Asia is Viet Nam's top tourist source market followed by Europe and America, according to official statistic data.
Infographics: DPRK-Viet Nam Relations 07:05 | 01/03/2019
VGP - The Democratic People's Republic is the 3rd country establishing diplomatic relations with Viet Nam after China and Russia in 1950.
Infographics: Highlights of VN-U.S. Comprehensive Partnership 08:10 | 27/02/2019
VGP - Viet Nam and the US lifted up bilateral relations to Comprehensive Partnership in July 2013 and the bilateral trade increased to over US$60 billion last year.