Infographics: Brief introduction to ACMECS, CLMV cooperation mechanisms
17:40 | 16/06/2018 VGP - The ACMECS mechanism aims to promote multilateral and bilateral economic cooperation to exploit comparative advantages between regions and  member countries and improve the competitiveness and narrow development gaps while CLMV cooperation represents efforts to meet the requirements of Mekong and ASEAN regional integration.
[Infographic] Structure of 14th National Assembly deputies 08:01 | 16/06/2016

VGP - More than 67 million eligible Vietnamese voters across the country elected 496 deputies to the 14th National Assembly on May 22. Hereafter is the major structure of the new National Assembly in the 2016-2021 tenure.

[Inforgraphics] Members of Viet Nam's new Government 07:17 | 11/04/2016
VGP - The National Assembly elected three new Deputy Prime Ministers and 18 ministers in a plenary session on April 9. Hereafter is the list of 27 members of the new Government.
Infographics: Newly elected leaders of National Assembly 14:31 | 07/04/2016

VGP - The following leaders of the National Assembly were elected at the ongoing 11th working session of the 13th Legislature.