How to import vehicles for foreigners working in VN
08:40 | 27/08/2008
VGP - The Ministry of Finance (MoF) answered the questions about the procedures to import vehicles for foreigners who are working in Việt Nam.

Question (a 100% foreign-invested company conducting production and business activities in Việt Nam): Can we enjoy a tax exemption when importing a second-hand five-seat car for our foreign Director? What taxes does Việt Nam levy on this car? Where can we find out information of duty-free vehicles?  

Answer (MoF): 1. According to Point 1, Section I, Part D of Circular  59/2007/TT-BTC released by the MoF on June 14, 2007 instructing the implementation of export and import duties and tax-exemption enjoyers, all commodities as property accompanying to foreigners, brought into Việt Nam when the foreigners are permitted to settle in Việt Nam, or brought out Việt Nam when the owners are allowed to reside in other countries, are among the duty-free list. Given to cars and motorbikes currently used by any foreigner or their family, if brought into Việt Nam when the owner(s) is permitted to reside in Việt Nam, only one car or motorbike for a family is exempted from import tax.  

Based on the above regulations, in this case, the foreign Director is granted with duty exemption on his imported car. The tax exemption file is clearly stipulated in Point 2, Section I, Part D of Circular  59/2007/TT-BTC. 

2. The import tax applied for used five-seat vehicles are apparently stated in the MoF’s Decision  23/2008/QĐ-BTC dated on May 8, 2008 as follows:

+ Less-than-five-seat vehicles, below 1,000 cylinder capacity (cc): US $3,500 per; 

+ From 1,000 cc to under 1,500 cc: US $8,000 per;

+ From 1,500 cc to under 2,000 cc: US $12,000 per

+ From 2,000 cc to under 2,500 cc: US $17,000 per;

+ From 2,500 cc to under 3,000 cc: US $18,000 per;

+ From 3,000 cc to under 4,000 cc: US $20,000 per.

3. For more information of vehicles exempted from import tax, please read Circular 59/2007/TT-BTC issued by the MoF instructing the implementation of import and export taxes, and tax management of imports and exports.  

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