Higher demands for natural disasters-resilient society
15:57 | 20/06/2019

VGP – The Government pledges to build a society which will develop safety during natural disasters and attaches importance to risk management and preventive measures. 

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the national video-teleconference on natural disaster prevention, search and rescue, Ha Noi, June 20, 2019 - Photo: VGP/Quang Hieu

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc highlighted the commitments on June 20 in Ha Noi at the national video-teleconference on natural disaster prevention, search and rescue in 2018 and tasks in the coming time. 

According to the Government chief, the UN and other international organizations regarded Viet Nam as one of the ten countries which are most severely affected by natural disasters. Hence, without active preparations, damage will be heavy.

History witnessed unceasing efforts to counter natural disasters, said the PM.

The PM underlined the necessity to take active steps to stabilize; protect; and develop production so that no one becomes homeless and is left behind. 

PM Phuc highlighted some big achievements in natural disaster prevention, search, and rescue. Nearly 362,000 people and about 10,000 vehicles were mobilized. About 7,000 victims were rescued. Over 4 million people and 900,000 vehicles were evacuated. More than 680,000 people were moved to safer places. 

In addition, scientific applications on weather observation, forecast, and supervision received due attention. Viet Nam stands ready to support other countries during disasters, including the Attapeu hydroelectric dam collapse in Laos, resue of 22 Filipino fishermen drifting at sea, and the recent resue of Singaporean cargo vessel. 

However, the PM also noticed the importance of overcoming shortcomings as natural disaster losses remain extremely high. 

In addition, natural disaster forecasts and warning work are limited, failing to meet higher demands of the society and catch up with more complicated conditions of climate change. 

Natural disaster prevention has yet received due attention. Moreover, disaster recovery work was slow, causing public concerns. 

Viet Nam has yet upheld the role of community in supporting people to respond to climate change. 

According to PM Phuc, social requirements for safety before natural disasters have been higher. Population boom, rising economic scale, the process of industrialization and modernization have caused more challenges, requiring more drastic effort and professional performance for natural disaster prevention, search and rescue. 

Moreover, climate change impacts have made natural disasters more complicated, unpredictable, and extreme. 

Nine key tasks

PM Phuc pointed out nine tasks in the coming time.

Firstly, perfecting organization of natural disaster directing agencies;

Secondly, reviewing and finalizing plans in response to natural hazards, search and rescue; 

Thirdly, raising awareness and teaching skills of natural disaster prevention, search and rescue for local people and the community via training courses and exercises;

Fourthly, bettering forecasts and natural disaster warnings in a more timely and accurate manner; installing more meteorological and hydrological observation stations;

Fifthly, raising resilient capabilities of infrastructure projects such as dams, water reservoirs, and other infrastructure projects;

Sixthly, upgrading technologies, infrastructure, equipments in favor of advisory work;

Seventhly, perfecting institutions, policies, and laws on the field; building professional staff;

Eighthly, allocating budget resources and mobilizing non-state resources for natural disaster prevention, search, and rescue; 

Ninthly, accelerating scientific research, scientific applications, and international cooperation on the field. 

The PM stressed the necessity to craft specific plans in response to national-level disasters especially powerful storms, super storms, heavy rains, flash floods, and landslides. 

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment was asked to properly make forecasts and warnings; and perfect the national hydro-meteorological station system. 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is in charge of directing localities to fix broken projects including dams, water reservoirs, and coastal landslides. 

The Ministry of Construction is responsible for reviewing plans on water sewage to avoid urban flooding./.

By Kim Anh 

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