Guideline to diagnose, treat and prevent bird flu Type A (H5N1) in humans
10:14 | 12/01/2007
(VNGOVNet) - The Ministry of Health has issued a guideline on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of bird flu Type A (H5N1) in humans, applied to all public, semi-public and private clinics.

Under the guideline, people who have contacted diseased animals from farming, trading, transporting, slaughtering, processing and eating diseased poultry meat or have contacted diseased people and have such symptoms as fever 380C, coughs with or without sputum, chest pain and hard breath, pale body, fast heart beat, low blood pressure, shock, headache, muscle pain, diarrhea, are probable carriers of Virus Bird Flu Type A (H5N1) and need to be examined for identification.

The suspected cases must be quarantined and treated with Antiviral Oseltamivir as soon as possible.

Any health practitioner once discovering a suspected case must lead him or her to a designated clinic for examination, classification and possible quarantine.

The preventive measures against Virus Bird Flu Type A (H5N1) are to keep personal hygiene, use nasal liquids and wash mouth or throat with antiseptics.

According to the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, there is a high risk of bird flu jumping to humans in the winter and spring reasons.

By Vinh Quang

(Source: Decision 44/2006/QĐ-BYT)

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