Overall planning scheme for VN’s railroad to 2020 supplemented 07:42 | 21/02/2007
VNGOVNet – Considering the proposal of the Ministry of Transport and recommendations from the ministries of Planning and Investment, Finance, and Construction, the PM agreed to include the Project "To replace ties, lengthen and install new rails from Vinh to Nha Trang along the trans-Vietnam rail route" into the overall planning scheme for the development of Vietnam’s railroad transportation to 2020.
Nghi Sơn Economic Zone (Thanh Hóa) to become an important service-tourism-industrial urban area 10:27 | 17/02/2007
VNGOVNet – This is mentioned in Decision 236/QĐ-TTg signed by the PM on February 14 approving the Overall Planning Scheme on Nghi Sơn Economic Zone in Thanh Hóa Province to 2025.
Investment certified and incentives fixed in Sông Mây IP 07:42 | 17/02/2007
VNGOVNet – On behalf of the Prime Minister, on February 14, Standing Deputy PM Nguyễn Sinh Hùng assigned the People’s Committee of Đồng Nai Province to direct the Đồng Nai Management Board of Industrial Parks to issue investment certificates and identify incentives for the Project on infrastructure construction and business in Sông Mây Industrial Park, Stage II, in line with the PM’s Document 269/TTg-CN dated on March 17, 2005 and the current regulations.
Pilot project to send Vietnamese laborers to US agreed 09:10 | 15/02/2007
VNGOVNet – The PM has just accepted the proposals of the ministries of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Justice, Foreign Affairs, and Public Security on piloting the Program to send Vietnamese laborers to work with time limit in the US.
Use of detoxification medication Cedemex permitted 07:28 | 15/02/2007
VNGOVNet – Considering the proposal of the Institute for Fatal Diseases Treatment under the Vietnam Economic Association on difficulties in applying Cedemex, a drug detoxicant, Deputy PM Trương Vĩnh Trọng ordered the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to inspect, consider and deal with the situation within their competence; then make report to the PM the implementation before March 31, 2007.
Bạch Mai and Việt Đức Hospitals receive health equipment 11:59 | 13/02/2007
VNGOVNet – On behalf of the PM, on February 12, Deputy PM Phạm Gia Khiêm has agreed with Việt Đức Hospital to take over a batch of secondhand medical equipment for heart surgery with the quality remaining 80% funded by Seawolves Agent Orange Relief Effort Foundation (USA).
VN-Hungary Cooperation Pack approved 08:18 | 13/02/2007
VNGOVNet – On behalf of the Prime Minister, on February 12, Deputy PM Phạm Gia Khiêm has signed Decision 22/QĐ-TTg to approve the agreement on development cooperation between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Republic of Hungary signed on July 20, 2006 in Hanoi.
Standing Deputy PM wants tourism sector to leap in development 11:39 | 12/02/2007
VNGOVNet - Speaking at a 2007 agenda launching conference of the tourism industry, Standing Deputy PM Nguyễn Sinh Hùng charted out a broad avenue for the sector to go by saying, "to create a leap of development in the time to come, the tourism sector should know how to grasp opportunities brought about by the country's rise and its international integration while unceasingly renew itself more aggressively."
Cần Thơ set to become an industrialized city before 2020 11:31 | 12/02/2007
VNGOVNet – Prime Minister has just signed Decision 21/2007/QĐ-TTg to approve the master plan for socio-economic development of Cần Thơ City in the period 2006-2020. The plan aims at making Cần Thơ a first-grade city before 2010 and a basically industrialized city before 2020.
Bờ Y to become center of VN-Laos-Cambodia Development Triangle 14:47 | 10/02/2007
VNGOVNet – The Bờ Y International Border-gate Economic Zone (the Zone in short) in Kon Tum Province has been identified as the center of the Vietnam-Laos- Cambodia Development Triangle under Prime Ministerial Decision 225/QĐ-TTg of February 8, 2007, which approves the revised Overall Planning Scheme of the zone.