Full rehearsal of preparatory and logistic work for APEC 2006 Summit Week
12:54 | 09/11/2006
VNGOVNet-On 8 November, at the Hanoi National Conference Center, the Logistics and Facility Subcommittee for APEC 2006 carried out the full rehearsal of preparatory and logistic work for the APEC 2006 Summit Week. The event was attended by Mr. Vũ Khoan, the PM Special Envoy, Minister of Construction Nguyễn Hồng Quân, Vice Chairman of the Government Office Nguyễn Công Sự, and representatives from the ministries of Construction, Post and Telematics, Foreign Affairs, National Defence, Public Security, Planning and Investment, and Health.


The PM Special Envoy  Vũ Khoan inspects the preparatory and logistic work for the APEC Summit Week – Photo: Government website

Making the report in the full rehearsal, Deputy Chief of the Logistics and Facility Subcommittee, Head of the Management and Finance Department (Government Office) Vũ Việt Hảo revealed that the National Conference Center was built on a total area of 64 ha, with the floor area of 60,000 m2, consisting of an underground garage for 5,200 automobiles; a three-storey building with a 3,800-seat meeting hall; a 2,000-m2 ceremonial hall; two high-level meeting rooms equipped with modern devices; an international seminar chamber of over 400 seats; more than 60 meeting rooms of all kinds; the Press Center for 1,200 to 1,500 reporters; two international transaction centers of 510 m2 each; a 1,030-m2 exhibition space; the multi-channel translation and interpretation system; and modern technical facilities for security, firefighting, visual-audio and illumination equipment. The Subcommittee has mobilized 328 automobiles donated by the Vietnamese Government to the APEC delegations, and 1,000 automobiles for serving forces to APEC. The Subcommittee has signed contracts with eight five-star hotels and prepared all office equipment, computers, telecommunication devices, and office supplies for the Summit. Head of the Management and Finance Department (Government Office) Vũ Việt Hảo requested all units to coordinate with each other, strictly observing the set regulations, implementing plans and programs, and resolutely fulfilling their assignments.

In his speech at the rehearsal, Mr. Vũ Khoan, the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy, highly appreciated great efforts of all units engaging in logistic and preparatory work for the APEC Summit Week. Up to now, most of the set tasks have been basically fulfilled. To gain the best results, Mr. Vũ Khoan suggested the better testing of equipment and machines in order to ensure the absolute safety for automobiles, vehicles, and refreshment. The participants in catering and protocol work should show their politeness and good behaviour. The Commanding Board should be founded to direct the logistic work at the National Conference Center. All ministries and sectors should unite and cooperate with each other to fruitfully carry out their tasks. Mr. Vu Khoan also asked the competent agencies to provide better care for employees, receptionists, drivers, medical staff and security guards who will serve the APEC Summit Week.

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