Floral painting on beer cans
12:26 | 14/02/2021
VGP - With a desire to create environmentally friendly products, Nguyen Thi Hue in Hanoi has turned discarded beer cans into unique flower paintings, according to Viet Nam Pictorial.

Hue is doing her creative work

From the empty beer cans thrown out by her family, Hue came up with the idea of making lotus paintings. Encouraged by relatives and friends, Hue started to paint more pictures of daisies, sunflowers and roses. She used beer cans brought to her by neighbors and friends and also used discarded clothes for background and cotton for picture frames.

Hue said to complete a picture, first of all, it is necessary to come up with ideas and get things organized. Using tools like knives, scissors, tweezers and glue, Hue cut and bent the beer cans into flowers. For the flowers with the same details, she cut out pictures using paper and then placed them on the beer cans for mass cuts. She also uses a ballpoint pen that runs out of ink to create veins for the petals.

Hue also makes rolled flowers. From the beer cans, she cuts them into strands with the length of 3-5mm. With her ingenuity, Hue uses tools to curl them up and make circles and swirls to form petals and then assembles them according to her original idea.

Because Hue wants to keep the original color of the cans, she often uses colored fabrics to create the background so the flowers can stand out. It often takes her about four hours to complete a flower painting. If she wants more complex details in the process, it can take a day.

Hue said that at present she has not seen anyone creating art from beer cans. She has created a YouTube channel to intruct people on how to make things from beer cans. Her channel now has 1,000 subscribers.

“Although I do it in my free time, I feel very happy when finishing a product. So in making videos, taking photos and posting them on social networks, I hope to spread the movement of recycling and protecting the environment”, Hue said.

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