Domestic enterprises spare no effort on home-ground
13:00 | 08/07/2009
VGP – The campaign “Bringing made-in-Việt Nam goods to the countryside”, launched early this year, has attracted rural consumers and helped raise enterprises’ revenue. More importantly, domestic enterprises have clearly identified their path of “re-occupying rural markets.”

A market day “Bringing made-in-Việt Nam to the countryside”

Satisfied buyers, surprised sellers

The campaign was initiated by the Vietnamese High-quality Goods Club in order to help domestic enterprises seize the market shares of consumer goods in rural areas.

Since early 2009, four “Bringing made-in-Việt Nam to the countryside” market-days have been opened in An Giang, Khánh Hòa, Trà Vinh and Bắc Giang Provinces.

With vans or light lorries as mobile shops kết hợp tặng quà, this model of “rural market” has not only charmed farmers but also benefited traders.

In An Giang, ten enterprises participating in the market-day earned over VND 100 million within a morning. In Khánh Hòa, the retail turnover in a single day reached VND 750 million.

Meanwhile, the two-day market received over 20,000 turns of local buyers. And in Bắc Giang, from the July 2 evening to the mid-day of July 3, 24 enterprises earned VND 669 million.

Mr. Trần Thanh Nhàn, Deputy Director of Vinatex Mart, revealed that through the campaign, Vinatex Mart’s turnover has continuously gone up by 21-65% over the past months.

A strategy needed to reoccupy home-ground

The rural areas where over 70% of the population is residing are a promising market for domestically-produced goods, especially in the context of the global economic crisis. 

Through the aforesaid market-days, enterprises have introduced their high-quality and genuine products to consumers. They can also accurately assess the domestic market’s potentials, better understand customers’ tastes, and work out ways to expand the retail system in rural areas.

The campaign also helps managers to propose reasonable policies and enterprises to design effective business strategies.

According to experts, to conquer the domestic market, enterprises should (i) lower cost prices; (ii) encourage consumers to buy goods through promotion programs; (iii) upgrade distribution networks; (iv) explore new markets; and (v) provide new products and services.

The Government’s preferential policies are also very essential, playing as an important driving force to stimulate consumption in rural areas.

By Phương Hạnh

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