Chi Lang historical relic site - vestiges of feats
12:05 | 14/01/2020

VGP – The victory of Chi Lang in 1427 has entered the country’s glorious history as a symbol of victory and the national pride of Viet Nam.

Perhaps, there are few places like the land of Chi Lang, where every inch of land, each mountain and each river all carry vestiges of glorious feats and the extremely beautiful myths about the cleverness, courage and determination to sacrifice for the independence and freedom of the fatherland.

The Chi Lang relic site consists of 52 relics stretching about 20km along the Thuong River valley - starting from the Hoa River territory to the Mai Sao commune (Km 100 to Km 115 on the National Highway section of Ha Noi-Lang Son), mostly belonging to Chi Lang and Quang Lang communes of Chi Lang district. Visiting Chi Lang, Dr. Charler Faudier, a French historian, commented: “This is the largest outdoor history museum in the world!”.

Chi Lang is a historical relic site that witnessed the victories against the Song invaders in the 11th century, the Yuan troops in the 13th century and the French invaders at the end of the 19th century – especially the victory of Chi Lang on October 10, 1427 against a relief troop of more than 100,000 elite soldiers, contributing to the victorious end of the nation’s 20-year resistance war against the Ming invaders.

The Chi Lang victory has entered the history of Viet Nam as a sparkling landmark demonstrating the patriotism, the great national unity power and the military art of the nation.

This is the largest outdoor history museum in the world

With its special cultural and historical values, the Chi Lang relic site has soon received attention and been preserved. Most recently, this famous landscape was recognized by the Prime Minister as a special national relic.

Earlier in 1962, the Ministry of Culture (now the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) classified the Chi Lang Pass relic site as a national relic. Lang Son province has identified the conservation and embellishment of the Chi Lang historical site as an important task, while approving the project “Building and developing the Chi Lang relic site until 2025, with a vision to 2035, which embraces an additional task of preserving, embellishing and promoting the values of the relics in association with tourism development.  

With its historical position and role, the Chi Lang relic site promises to become an important and attractive address to educate the younger generation about the forefathers’ patriotism, courage and intellect. 

With the advantages of a historical timeline of up to thousands of years, the Chi Lang relic site is also a unique historical and cultural destination for both domestic and foreign tourists./.

By Vien Nhu

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