BBC News: How VN saved a British pilot and kept a clean Covid-19 sheet
14:41 | 27/06/2020
VGP – The UK’s BBC News on June 26 released an article on the miraculous recovery of the British pilot COVID-19 patient (patient numbered 91) and Viet Nam’s great efforts in COVID-19 fight.

The UK’s BBC News on June 26 releases an article on the miraculous recovery of the British pilot COVID-19 patient (patient numbered 91) and Viet Nam’s great efforts in COVID-19 fight.

According to the article, Stephen Cameron, 43-year-old Scottish pilot, the most critical COVID-19 infection case in Viet Nam said that: "If I'd been almost anywhere else on the planet, I'd be dead. They would have flicked the switch after 30 days".

The country, home to 95 million people, has seen only a few hundred confirmed cases, single-digit ICU admissions and not a single recorded death, BBC news highlighted.

 "I'm very humbled by how I've been taken into the hearts of the Vietnamese people," says Cameron. "And most of all I'm grateful for the bloody-mindedness of the doctors in not wanting me to die on their watch."

"When it came out in the press here that I needed a lung transplant, apparently loads of people offered their lungs, including a 70-year-old Viet Nam war veteran," he smiles. "But it would have been a double lung transplant so that wouldn't have ended well for him."

Dozens of Viet Nam's intensive care specialists held regular conference calls to discuss Cameron's condition.

The article also quoted Dr Kidong Park, the World Health Organization (WHO) representative to Viet Nam: "The very small number of critical care patients meant anyone who was severely ill got the attention of all the country's top-level clinicians,"

The politics of his return are a reminder that the miraculous recovery of Patient 91 is not just a story of a Scottish pilot who beat Covid-19 and beat the odds. It is the story of how a developing south Asian country with a turbulent recent history beat the odds too, the articles stressed.

On June 26, British Ambassador to Viet Nam Gareth Ward thanked Vietnamese doctors for saving the British pilot who was infected with COVID-19, during a visit to the Ho Chi Minh City Hospital of Tropical Diseases.

The British pilot had stayed at the HCM City-based Hospital of Tropical Diseases for COVID-19 treatment for 65 days. He had to battle for life as his lungs were seriously damaged due to infection complications. He was put on ECMO, a life support machine, to save his life.

He has gradually recovered since he was transferred to Cho Ray hospital, also in Ho Chi Minh City. He now can breathe unaided, walk, communicate well with others, and have been practicing physical therapy before being discharged from hospital.

By Thuy Dung



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